Adjusting to life in London

Before I let for London the only thing I had done over winter break to prepare for my trip was watch Downton Abbey. (I thought it might be useful to get accustomed to the accent.) All the paper work had been complete for weeks, scholarships applied for, and warm clothes bought, but other than those necessities there are two things I had yet to do:

  1. Pack
  2. Finally realize that I was going to be away from home for the first time in my life

I thought the first might help with the second, or maybe I knew it wouldn’t hit me until I was on the plane, with a return ticket for months later.  I’ve grown up in Sugar Land, TX, a measly twenty-five minute car ride from Rice University. And though I think going to school close to home is highly underrated, it was high time I left Texas. For an extended period of time, at least.

While planning my trip, I hoped that, while in London, I would learn a lot. I knew my classes, research and internship would provide me with vast amounts of new knowledge. But I was really looking forward to learning how to navigate a city on my own, in addition to looking into the United States from a different perspective and finally seeing the world that exists beyond my own backyard.

As I prepared for my trip, I hoped my journey would entail immersing myself in new experiences, taking risks and traveling. A lot of traveling, actually. In fact, the two most common pieces of advice I received about my study abroad plans were to first, not study as much as I normally do at Rice and second, to travel as much as I can. I’m a fan of both.

With some of the world’s most historically significant, interesting and beautiful cities just a train ride away, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t travel outside of London, and begin to see as much of the world as I can.

I am happy to report that now that I’ve been in London for about a month, it has not disappointed. As of now, there is nothing I don’t love about the city. It could be a little warmer, but other than that, I find this city to be lively, robust and exciting.

I am off to Paris in just one day.

This is my first time in England, my first time exploring Europe and the first time I’ve lived outside of Texas. I am looking forward to documenting my travels and am happy you are coming along for the ride.

‘Till next time, cheers!

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