Three days in Barcelona


Hola y bon dia!

My first days in Barcelona have been nothing short of an exciting, yet exhausting, whirlwind. Adjusting to a nine hour time difference, jet-lag, and being in an unfamiliar place has taken its toll on my mind and body. I won’t bore you readers with too much right this second, but wanted to check-in with a picture update!

Originally a bull fighting ring, now converted into a shopping mall.

Many of Barcelona’s large intersections of main streets feature fountains, statues or green spaces.

The ‘block of disagreement’ is a place where tourists gather to marvel at the work of famous artists/architects such as Gaudi. These buildings were designed in a sort of rivalry to be the best.

The Metro, Empty.

Fountains in front of the palace. These have a full color and music accompaniment, similar to the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. Better view here in Barcelona.

The palace of Barcelona. It serves as a museum now.


The old gothic style part of the library at my university (UPF). It serves mostly as an area for quiet study.

On Montjuic (Mountain of the Jews) you can stand at this lookout point and see the port of Barcelona along with much of downtown.


My bedroom in Barcelona. Small? Indeed. However, it is sufficient for sleeping and homework!

The view from the apartment I live in.



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