Professional Lenses

I don’t think it’s possible that a program abroad for four months wouldn’t touch nearly every facet of your life goals. You go off, leaving your country and you can’t help but expect change in every corner of your life. Admittedly, some is for the good and some is for the bad. But the way that studying abroad affects your academic and career lives is unmistakable. Every moment you’re awake has the potential to be a learning experience and your classroom becomes the entire world around you. Your academic growth is no longer limited to during classes and while doing your homework. From the bus to the market to having lunch with a new local friend, you’re constantly learning. Constantly.

I love how going overseas develops you as a person and as a professional. It’s the truest form of international experience, and it’s priceless when it comes to your personal skill sets and your future career. My professional goals have been irrevocably altered by living in Quito for the past 3 months; I believe I can succeed in so many more things now than I ever did before. I know for a fact that I would love to work on an international scale, and that goal has been solidified here. I’ve always wanted to be among the best with my Spanish knowledge and skills, and this semester has pushed that goal to the max. I know how much I’m capable of now. I think that is such a beautiful part of study abroad for all students who cross its path; they learn they are able to do infinitely more than they ever knew they could, and that expands their goals and sets them on the next level. All your world view lenses change when living overseas for so long – academically, professionally, and personally.

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