A Day in the Life: Bangkok Edition

Hello everybody,

Today I want to bring you with me and show you what a typical day as an exchange student in Thailand looks like for me. I hope you enjoy these snaps of my daily life.


My mornings start early, around 7:00 am, as I have class almost every day at 9:00 am. This gives me enough time to commute and have breakfast. Most days I stay in my bed until the very last minute, then I grab my school uniform. Most universities in Thailand have uniforms. Some are stricter than others in terms of dress code, but my university allows us to decide what to wear and it is only mandatory to wear your uniform on exams, field trips, and special days. It’s recommended that exchange students follow this rule, since students are highly respected in Thai society and it lets people know which university you go to if you ever get lost.

Morning 1

My Thammasat University uniform.

To get to school, I take a bus close to my apartment that takes me directly to the campus. I usually have breakfast in the cafeteria or the many shops around campus. Here breakfast is very different from what I’m used to back home but it’s great because it fills me up and gives me energy for my 3 hour class.

Morning 2

My daily walk to the bus stop. In Bangkok there’s food at every corner!

Morning 3

Breakfast at the school cafeteria. Eating spicy food in the morning took some getting used to.


After class, I have one hour to get lunch. For lunch we can choose from the cafeteria, street food, or a pier nearby where there are a couple of restaurants, bakeries, and even a Starbucks, though I prefer trying new things at the local shops.


Lunch by Tha Maharaj Pier


After class I get an iced coffee or tea and walk around the area before taking the bus home. There is always something to see– street performers, the architecture of the city, or even just people-watching! The campus is close to the Grand Palace, the most visited and famous landmark in Bangkok. I see it every day on my way home and I am still amazed by how beautiful it is.

Afternoon 1

Some singers practicing.

Afternoon 2

Public transportation gets you anywhere.

Afternoon 3

Another photo from our field trip to the Grace Palace.

Afternoon 4

A quick picture of my view from my bus ride home.

Afternoon 5

A shortcut through an alleyway on my way home.

For dinner I head out with friends to sample some street food or to try a new restaurant and explore the city. The rest of the evening I will spend studying. I have a Thai language quiz coming up and mastering the pronunciation is driving me crazy!

So I’ll leave it at that. I really hope you enjoyed looking into my day. Thank you for reading!



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One response to “A Day in the Life: Bangkok Edition

  1. Wow! I did a semester in Chiang Mai two years ago and loved it! Reading your blog makes me miss Thailand so much, especially all those awesome iced coffees and teas! I really hope you enjoy your time there. Good luck on your Thai language exam!

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