A Realization of Sorts

Hola! In roaming the streets of Salamanca, I am aware of an awakening taking place here. When I gaze out over the river Tormes or stop for café con leche in a hole-in-the-wall café, emotions grip me. I am both terrified and curious. What is happening to me?



The new bridge of Salamanca overlooks the Tormes River.


I am terrified because I am being forced to come face to face with the limitations I have placed on myself. I can chose to either open my mind or stay bound to the expectations placed on me by myself and others. In the forefront of my mind is this mental chain that says no self-respecting wife and mother should be away from her family for so long. I feel like I am shucking my responsibilities, that my children need me 24/7 in their lives and that the sun will not rise tomorrow because I’m not there! In the back of my mind is a small voice fighting to be heard that is saying “LIVE!” Should I choose to listen, this voice promises that I will make a lasting impression on not only my children, but their children. That in some small way, I’m not being selfish, I am imparting a sense of adventure and self-worth that can only be learned by the example that I am setting.

Today, I chose to listen to the latter. Tomorrow I don’t know. But a part of this experience is the realization that every day is different and full of possibilities. And also the realization that every day holds a choice for me. Today, I choose life.



Exploring the old streets of Salamanca.


Hasta luego.


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