I Feel Ready

Ready to take on the world after my study abroad journey. I feel more prepared to look a potential employer square in the face and tell them I am a globally-minded individual that can work with an assortment of personalities. I have had the opportunity to take a long, honest look at what I believe and how I think and actually question my beliefs. I believe that this is something everyone should do a few times throughout their lifetime in order to be open to new ideas and possibilities.



Learned so much about Spanish and European architecture here in Salamanca!


I also feel prepared to raise children that are more globally-minded and can think beyond the “us and no more” mentality and begin to feel compassion for their world and beyond. Before I could only give them vague guidance on how they should approach interacting with new cultures and personalities, but now I can give them advice based on solid experience. My experiences. How cool is that?



This is the most magical food in all the world: paella.


Working with the people of Spain in their homes, in their schools, in the grocery stores and beyond has given me insight into how other people think about things like managing a home, teaching, and customer service. I have learned to be a bit more patient. Not only for other people and learning to allow others’ ideas to come up against my own, but patience for myself to allow some of these ideas to take root and change me.



Climbing Monte Urgull in St. Sebastian.


Hasta luego.

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