Paradiznik: tomato [Slovene]

It has taken me quite a while, but I am slowly adapting to the language here. Take the word above for example. Thanks to my new job I have mastered the word, paradiznik. I love to say it primarily because it sounds cool, but most of the locals just laugh when I say that the only word I can remember in Slovene is tomato. I’m not sure why it has stuck with me, but I don’t think I will ever forget it.

I am picking up little words and phrases as well:

Zivjo: Hello/goodbye

Dober dan: Good day

Dober tek: Enjoy your meal

Hvala: Thank you

Prosim: Please

This week I asked a local what they would miss most about Slovenia if they were to move, and his answer came as a surprise to me. He said that out of everything in Slovenia, the beautiful landscapes, great food, amazing architecture, he would miss the language the most. I loved that answer!

I know that Slovene isn’t a very useful language back home, but there is something about it that really just makes me want to learn it. So while I’m here I am going to try! This week I’m learning how to count, ena, dva, tri, stiri, pet…

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