A Country Girl in the Motherland

Well, well, well… What can I say?  Where do I start?

Coming here to Canterbury from the little town of Pembroke has been quite the journey for me.  Having to leave my hometown early, due to a devastating hurricane which resulted with my family members without power for over a week back home, set me in a  sad mood.  HOWEVER, recovery efforts are in full effect back home and everyone is rebuilding quite well.  Being here has been a huge adjustment for me.  Being older and from such a small town setting have posed several obstacles for me.  Good thing I am Wonder Woman and I am able to handle all situations.  I quickly made friends here from Malta (yea, Malta), the Netherlands, and Germany.  They have been so great to hang out with and whether they like it or not, they are now a part of my family. There are a few differences that I have specifically noticed about Canterbury.  They are as follows:

  1.  People are not glued to their cellphones here.  Back home in America, I feel like we are dependent on them for survival.  People here are genuinely friendly and helpful and they seem to enjoy life and their surroundings (without a cellphone).
  2. Food.  Well, the food here is……different.  I won’t say that it is bad, but I have yet to find a restaurant that I like.  I find that food here is similar to American food (somewhat unhealthy).
  3. We walk.  Everywhere.  This is different for me because back home, I live 20 minutes (driving) from anything.  But honestly, I love to walk.
  4. Technology is more advanced here.  I have literally done everything from order my food in a restaurant and joined the gym right from my cell phone.  The university is also more technologically advanced than mine back home.
  5. It is just down right beautiful here.  If I am sad or missing home, I literally just walk down the street and enjoy the beautiful shops and scenery.

I hope this gives you some glimpse into my Canterbury world thus far.  I have attended my first official tea party, visited the Cathedral, and went to the Harry Potter Studio (bucket list item).  I am looking forward to the rest of my journey here!!

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