Top 10 Things to See and Do in Melbourne, Australia

Before traveling to a new place, I like to do some research on where I am going and what there is to do. This can reveal a lot about a place’s unique culture, its people, and its values. Melbourne is a historical city full of people from all over the world with values ranging from the environment, artistic expression in all its forms, and diverse cultures. So, here is my list of the top 10 things to see and do in Melbourne!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Melbourne, Australia:

  1. Queen Victoria Night Market: seasonal; displays the different cultures of Melbourne
Image result for queen victoria night market

2. Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI): or any of the other art galleries throughout Melbourne such as the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) International which displays some beautiful indigenous art pieces

Image result for ACMI melbourne

3. Explore “Little Italy” and get some of the world’s best coffee at Brunetti (there is huge coffee culture in Melbourne):

Image result for brunetti melbourne

4. Check out street art: You will find art all over the streets of Melbourne, but start off with the most popular laneway, Hosier Lane (you may even come across a Banksy piece!)

Image result for hosier laneway melbourne

5. Check out a Australian Football League (AFL), or “footy”, game: Melbourne has a huge sports culture. You can find anything from footy to rugby to cricket!

Related image

6. Go shopping! Chapel Street is known for its high-end fashion while suburbs like Fitzroy and Brunswick are known for vintage finds.

7. Visit Old Melbourne Gaol: (pronounced “jail”) Learn about Melbourne’s history and convict past at this gaol turned museum ( There is also the Melbourne Museum:

Image result for old melbourne gaol

8. See the penguins at St. Kilda Beach or Phillip’s Beach: At sunset you can watch a colony of penguins walk / swim to their shelter, otherwise known as the “Penguin Walk”.

9. Go “bushwalking”! Hiking and camping is popular throughout Melbourne with one of the more popular spots being the Dandenong Ranges

Related image

10. Attend a festival: Melbourne has a huge festival culture. You can find festivals here for nearly anything — music, comedy, film, and more!

Image result for moomba festivals melbourne

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