My Return

It’s so surreal that I am back at home. Time flew, and I still can’t believe it. It’s been a bit difficult for me to readjust to life back at home because every day was an adventure for me in Mexico. Now it’s like I am back to the reality of work, responsibilities, school, etc. This semester was very liberating and exciting, so the shift back to normality is a bit tough. Of course, I love what I do here in Oklahoma, but Mexico was a moment in my life where I could just live in the moment without much on my mind. I have felt the reverse culture shock simply from my encounters with people. In Mexico when you talked to people, you were always embraced and kissed on the checks, but that comfortability isn’t the same here, as well as the extreme sociability that people had in Mexico. The food is very different, as my stomach had to adjust again when I returned home.

I miss the excitement and spontaneous attitudes of people in Mexico. I miss the music, the traditional customs, and the weather. Coming back to the cold was not ideal for me. I wish I would’ve stayed another semester, but I will return someday. I think the major difference between the United States and Mexico is the rich culture that Mexico has and welcoming people. Never once did I see strangers upset with other strangers, it was always warm and positive energy. Mexico showed me the power of kindness and love towards others. I am excited for next semester, as I will be working for the Education Abroad Office to share my experience and participating in the Big XII Conference where I will be doing a workshop over cultural immersion and my experience. I am beyond blessed to have had this opportunity.

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