Presenting Gilman at Cornell University

November 2019, I presented the Gilman International Scholarship to a group of Native American students and staff at Cornell University.  The group consisted of undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and staff from 15 different tribes across the U.S. and Canada.  Being Native American, even though we come from different states, we all share the same struggle.  Most of us are first-generation students and we come from poverty.  It was a great pleasure to share my experiences with this group.  I was able to explain to them the Gilman Scholarship process and how it could potentially change their lives.  Two particular students expressed interest in applying for the scholarship and I have been able to follow up with them afterward.  Many of the students in the presentation had never been out of the country so they were full of logistical questions about traveling out of the country such as how to obtain a passport and currency exchange.  Giving this presentation gave me much pride because I was able to express to the group the importance of traveling and letting the world know that we indeed do still exist as indigenous people in America.  Gilman has changed my life and continues to allow me to share my experience and tell my story.  Thanks to Gilman for changing my life.

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