Then and Now

I’ve noticed the constant rhythm in which the city around me flows in. The reserved society that walks among the streets, so punctual and serious. I’ve noticed I’ve blended in a little more. I’ve noticed talking less and listening to the stories from the people around me are intriguing. It is unbelievable how much a person can change within a few months. Some of the subtlest changes have had the biggest impact on me since arriving in Japan last August.

Since studying abroad in Japan, I have noticed certain aspects of myself have changed. My rowdy and irrational self has slowly metamorphosed into a person who thinks about their actions and every possible consequence before coming to a single decision now. I find myself being very reserved in many situations when before I always had something to add or ask.

Academically, my studies have become more challenging than before. With more and more of the Japanese language being introduced in my classes, I found myself a semester later enrolled in three classes predominantly taught in the Japanese language. This a complete 360 compared to the Japanese classes I took back at home university. I can not personally see my progress when it comes to my Japanese, but others continuously compliment me and say have far I have come.

One aspect of myself that has changed a great deal since studying abroad is my gratitude for others. Homesickness really set in since studying abroad as every day I missed my family and friends. I am grateful for all the things they have done for me before coming to Japan and even now. I am grateful for the new people I have met in my life after arriving in Japan. I am so happy about the change I have seen within myself from then and now.

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